After the refinishing process, these are some tips to keep your floors looking great:


  • Keep pet's toenails trimmed
  • Resume foot traffic in 24-hours (gentle/socks)
  • Furniture “placed” back in 72 hours
  • No wet maintenance (cleaning) or area rugs for 7 days after last coat of finish.
  • Felt/carpet floor protectors (replace as needed).
  • Walk-off mats (keep Clean)
  • Vacuum regularly (no beater-bar).
  • Use Bona Hardwood Floor Cleaner
  • High heels in good repair

These are from the manufacturer as suggested floor care.

Wood doesn’t breathe- at least, it doesn’t breathe air.  Wood does expand and contract as moisture is exchanged with the surrounding atmosphere.  The finish slows this exchange.

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